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Check availability

Use our availability checker to see when our registrars are available for your ceremony; they deliver customised events in York.

Find out more about our different approved venues and how to licence a venue in York.

Your steps

Step 1.
Step 2.
  • Book give notice appointment through our email form
  • Await to be contacted by phone and will confirm the provisional dates and offered a time and date for the giving notice appointment
Step 3.
  • Attend give notice appointment with card for payment and Identification
  • We will process all checks including legal checks
  • Your notice appears on-screen for 29 days - notice begins on this day and lasts for 12 months
Step 4.
  • Plan your ceremony using our ceremony checklist
  • Choose your vows, readings and poems
  • Find 2 witness
  • Enjoy your day!