Register a marriage venue

Guidance for ceremonies held at your venue

All ceremony bookings must be agreed with the staff at your local registration office.

No food or alcohol may be sold and/or consumed within the ceremony room or area 1 hour before or during the ceremony.

Food and/or drink can be served and consumed elsewhere at the venue, but the applicant is responsible for ensuring that no food and/or alcohol is brought into the ceremony room or area.

Guests should be assembled in the ceremony room or area 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

The registrars have the discretion not to proceed with a ceremony if any of the party or either of the couple is threatening, abusive or seemingly under the influence of drink or drugs.

The venue’s responsible person will be expected to deal with inappropriate behaviour by guests.

Couples often choose to have music played before, during and after their ceremony. Any music system must be operated either by a member of the venue staff or someone nominated from the guests. Alternatively, if live music is to be provided space should be made available without compromising the area needed to conduct the ceremony.

Music should be of a secular nature although music that contains words such as 'heaven' or 'angels' in a pop song may be allowed.

The venue is responsible for ensuring compliance, where necessary, with any copyright licence requirements.

Photographers must not cause any delays to the ceremony.

Where car parking is available one car parking space should be reserved for the use of the registration staff. These spaces should be near to the main entrance so that the registration staff may leave promptly once the ceremony is finished.