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Naming ceremonies


Ceremony checklist

A naming ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate a new arrival into your family in a non-religious way; they can be arranged for babies, adoptive children or step-children of any age.

Naming ceremony fees

Find out more about the fees associated with naming ceremonies.

Naming ceremonies are a unique and personal way of welcoming a child into the family and wider community for those who prefer a secular (non-religious) ceremony.

A naming ceremony would be an ideal opportunity to include new names for people who have changed their name or changed their gender and have changed their name.

Every naming ceremony is entirely personal and tailored to individual needs. The ceremony can include music, readings, personal vows and promises of your choice, and usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes.

Your steps

Step 1.
Step 2.
Step 3.
  • Plan your ceremony
  • If required, book a pre-ceremony consultation
  • Complete the ceremony planner
  • Choose your words, readings and music
Step 4.
  • Pay balance

Enjoy your day!